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  1. What Are Knights Grateful For?

    November 26, 2015

    We like to celebrate Thanksgiving by finding out what it is that the Knights Southern Virginia is grateful for. From great roommates to milkshakes to family, it’s clear that the list is a long one.

    Roommates and milkshakes and family are some of my favorite things, too, and so worth being grateful for. I’d like to add to my list the opportunity to attend and work at this exceptional school on the hill. Oh, and pie.

    Happy Thanksgiving from Southern Virginia!

    (Post by Madeleine Gail Rex ’16. Video by Bronwyn Himes ’17.)

  2. 2015 Fall Colors Photos Contest Winners

    November 24, 2015

    There is so much beauty in Virginia at this time of year. So much. It blows me away. And these photos capture that incredible beauty remarkably well. Below are the photos of the winners. If winners submitted more than one photo, their winning photo is followed by other submissions in their gallery. Congrats to those who won and thanks to all who participated!

    Enjoy the photos, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1st Place: Belle Basnight

    2nd Place: Corey Egbert

    3rd Place: Jordan Wunderlich

    4th Place: Ammon Milligan

    5th Place: Eva Sorensen

    We will be contacting the finalists about prizes soon.

    (Post by Madeleine Gail Rex ’16.)

  3. Intramurals at Southern Virginia

    November 23, 2015

    This semester has brought a fresh new wave of intramural activities, including Wacky Wednesdays, a number of league events and even the first-ever Halo tournament in Durham Hall. We can expect this wave to build momentum into next semester.

    If intramurals at Southern Virginia have a theme, that theme is simply student involvement. At the core, intramurals are about allowing students to get involved on campus without a heavy time commitment. They give students the opportunity to do something fun, competitive and team-oriented outside the classroom. Intramurals also allow students to try something new just for the enjoyment. And if your team wins, that’s cool too.

    Since a few weeks into September, intramurals have gathered students, staff and faculty to compete in several leagues and individual events. The semester started off with leagues in grass volleyball and badminton, followed currently by futsal and ultimate Frisbee, with individual events like ping-pong and Halo scattered in between. Next semester, look for flag football, 3-on-3 basketball, dodge ball, more grass volleyball and a number of new individual events.

    Whether you have ten hours or thirty minutes, whether you’re a champion athlete or a first-timer, you can get involved. Come and play.

    (Post by Stephen Taylor ’15. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’15 and Sarah Bench ’19)

  4. College Tip: Check Out the Clubs

    November 18, 2015

    Are you looking for something fun to do? Do you want to gain a new skill, like Karate or computer programming? Are you itching to explore the exquisite and historic Virginia? Odds are you don’t want to be stuck in your dorm room doing homework or watching Netflix all day, right?

    Southern Virginia University can stimulate your involvement, and improve your well-being, with clubs of all kinds. Our lil’ liberal arts self has a wide range of interesting clubs for our diverse student body. From field trips to New York to studying architectural design to building minicomputers, all the way to hiking the breathtaking trail up Cold Mountain, there is most definitely something for everyone. So let me provide an idea of what we have to offer you. Recently, the university hosted a club fair where students could learn about the different clubs on campus. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, or want some more information, check out the clubs featured below!

    American Sign Language Club: You don’t have to know how to sign in order to be a part of this club, but it certainly is a great place to learn this useful skill! Visit them on Facebook at, or contact Matthew Georgeson at to be a part of it.

    Architecture Club: Take field trips to destinations known for their immaculate architecture, all while creating some yourself with activities like sketching and painting in downtown Lexington. Contact Barbara Crawford at


  5. Submit Your Work to The Review

    November 16, 2015


    Want to be featured in this year’s publication of The Review? Submissions to the university’s literary magazine are due Thursday, Nov. 19. You might ask why this is of concern to you. The answer is simply that The Review is constantly looking for unknown talent and work that deserves to be highlighted.

    The literary magazine annually publishes a collection of the strongest works that the school has to offer, from prose and poetry to the visual arts. Traditionally, digital photography has been the most prevalent submission as far as art goes, perhaps because of the digital nature of the art. However, this year, focus is shifting to look for more varied submissions, such as sculpture and watercolor.

    We are also very excited to remind students that $100 and $50 cash prizes are available for first and second place winners in poetry, prose, and art genres.

    If you have something that you would like to submit, but aren’t sure how to represent it digitally, email me at and we can coordinate to ensure that your submission is accepted.

    (Post and photo by Jordan Wunderlich ’15.)