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2nd Annual Travel Study Photo Competition

November 15, 2013

For the second year in a row, Southern Virginia’s Travel Study program held a photo contest. Winners were selected from a pool of students who submitted photos from the different trips offered last school year. Travel Study, in conjunction with the art program, set up an exhibition in the Corridor Gallery, located in between Chandler Hall and the Ballroom, that will be up for the next few weeks. The grand opening was last night, Nov. 14.

Dinah Rogers, a recent graduate, took first place with a collection of beautifully shot photographs set in Greece. The trip, which happened this summer, combined classes in classical philosophy and the artistry of travel journaling. All the travelers were required to physically make their own journals and then keep a record throughout their time there in Greece.

Aside from the writing and drawing included in her journal, Dinah captured her journey with a camera lens. Her photographs capture the majestic beauty of the rugged landscape, the ancient power of the Greek ruins and the quiet rhythms of everyday life on the Cycladic Islands.

“I wanted to improve my skills in the art of discerning, so that I could better define my own understand of ‘beauty,’” said Rogers. “These photos are taken from the perspective of a bystander who is merely taking notice of life as it naturally occurs and passes by.”

Dinah’s complete collection of photographs can be viewed on the Travel Study Facebook page.

The runners up included Megan Rastall and Laura Richins. Some of their work can also be viewed at the exhibition.

(Post and Photos by Erin Seage ’16.)

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