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Alumnus Drew Manning Goes from Fit to Fat to Fit

October 25, 2011
Personal fitness trainer Drew Manning (’06) has received international media coverage for his quest to better understand his clients and promote healthy living. In May 2011, he began a six-month period of purposeful weight gain, during which he gained about 70 pounds. Soon he will begin his next six months, in which he plans to lose all the weight he has gained. His goal is to “inspire people to get fit, teach them how to do it and give them hope that it is possible to get fit and stay fit.”

According to an article on, Manning said that he had never previously had any problems with weight gain, and he now understands the mental and emotional, as well as physical, reality of being overweight and experiencing food addictions.

Manning will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, Oct. 27. His wife, Lynn, appeared on Good Morning America to talk about the experience and his story has been featured in newspapers in countries across the globe including Russia, Pakistan, France, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Poland and more.

Manning is conducting a fundraiser for the duration of his experience in which donors can pledge a certain amount of money for every pound he loses. The proceeds will go to The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which targets childhood obesity.

For more information, visit Manning’s website.

(Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez. Photos from Drew Manning.)



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