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Art After Dark

November 7, 2014

Let’s be candid. A Friday night event about reading poetry and prose while admiring art doesn’t exactly set the standard for students interested in the party scene. But that didn’t stop Southern Virginia’s literary magazine from producing an enjoyable and refreshing night of entertainment and refinement in the form of their second annual Art After Dark.

Hosted by The Review and the Von Canon Library, Art After Dark is an opportunity for students to share their work, whether in writing or art.

“The event’s purpose was to raise awareness about the literary magazine,” said Ruth Crook, editor-in-chief of The Review. “Really, our mission is to help students realize their ambition of being published in a professional magazine. Art After Dark prepares students to submit their work.”

Essentially, Art After Dark is an opportunity for Southern Virginia students to come together to share ideas, refine thoughts, and inspire one another.

(Post and Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’16.)

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