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Art Exhibit: Cameron Burgoyne (’15)

March 22, 2016

In my experience, every student who comes through Southern Virginia University inevitably ends up with favorite places on campus. Places that hold special memories. Places they find particularly beautiful. Whether it’s the bench beneath the weeping willow in bloom with hundreds of pink blossoms or the front porch of Main Hall, our campus is filled to the brim with beautiful, special places that will remain in our hearts and our memories for years to come.

One such place is the Corridor Gallery. Located in between Main Hall and Chandler Hall, this hallway’s walls are always lined with new, different and beautiful works of art. Throughout the semester, the art program displays works of art painted by our students and alumni as well as by visiting artists. I really appreciate what the faculty and students in the art program are doing to beautify and culture our campus through art.

Currently, the Corridor Gallery is displaying a series of woodblock prints by Cameron Burgoyne, who graduated with a double major in art and liberal arts last year. Cameron is a talented artist who currently works as a graphic designer in the Office of Communications and team-teaches a class on the Adobe Creative Suite. He introduced the exhibit with an opening lecture in the Ballroom. His artistic influences include Paul Klee and Josef Albers.

“I really feel like a lot of art, especially LDS art, is so much more literal and pictorial than is necessary to convey an idea,” he said. “So in my art, I’m trying to find the simplest way to convey an idea. A lot of what is in me is religious, so that’s what tends to be reflected in my artwork. I find it interesting that Christ didn’t teach very literally, but instead taught in parables and stories.”

If you haven’t had a chance to see Cameron’s artwork yet, be sure to stop by the Corridor Gallery and check out his exhibit soon! To view more of his artwork, visit his personal website.

(Post by Hannah King ’13. Photos by Matt Anderson ’17.)

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