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College Tip: Check Out the Clubs

November 18, 2015

Are you looking for something fun to do? Do you want to gain a new skill, like Karate or computer programming? Are you itching to explore the exquisite and historic Virginia? Odds are you don’t want to be stuck in your dorm room doing homework or watching Netflix all day, right?

Southern Virginia University can stimulate your involvement, and improve your well-being, with clubs of all kinds. Our lil’ liberal arts self has a wide range of interesting clubs for our diverse student body. From field trips to New York to studying architectural design to building minicomputers, all the way to hiking the breathtaking trail up Cold Mountain, there is most definitely something for everyone. So let me provide an idea of what we have to offer you. Recently, the university hosted a club fair where students could learn about the different clubs on campus. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, or want some more information, check out the clubs featured below!

American Sign Language Club: You don’t have to know how to sign in order to be a part of this club, but it certainly is a great place to learn this useful skill! Visit them on Facebook at, or contact Matthew Georgeson at to be a part of it.

Architecture Club: Take field trips to destinations known for their immaculate architecture, all while creating some yourself with activities like sketching and painting in downtown Lexington. Contact Barbara Crawford at

Chess Club: “The purpose of this club is to prove we’re smarter than others, dominate the world, and wear crazy socks,” said Cameron Crowther jokingly. But what actually happens is good-natured, friendly competition with the other members and occasionally some heated rivalry in an online tournament with virtual players. “We see the future of the club evolving,” said Alan Whitehead, the club advisor. To join, contact him at

Debate and Speech Society: This club will prepare you for intercollegiate competitions and seeks to increase discussions on campus on a variety of issues. Thus far they have debated the risk and benefits of GMO foods and the inner workings of prisons. Contact Cameron Crowther at for more information.

Multiverse Club: Once the Dr. Who fan club, this organization has taken on a new motto, “If you can geek out about it, we can talk about it.” That’s coming from the club’s president, Zack Waite, who welcomes lovers of all things to unite with them and revel in professions of fandom. Contact Jan-Erik Jones at

Pre-Health Professionals Club: Contact Barbara van Kuiken at for more information.

Irish Dance Club: ”You don’t have to be Irish or know how [to dance],” said Anna Witzel, an active member of this club. Students and community members are welcome to indulge in this cultural experience with club president, Gloria Salisbury. For more information, contact Gloria at

Mixed Martial Arts Club: If you’re looking to feel fierce, explore boxing, Taekwondo, ju-jitsu and weaponry in this club. Contact Hugh Bouchelle at

Multicultural Club: Celebrate diversity and help others overcome differences in this club that seeks to unite students from all backgrounds. To join, contact Iana Konstantinova at

Namaste Yoga Club: Take a break from your busy day and destress with the yoga club through some tension-releasing poses and energizing sequences that’ll leave you feeling ready to take on anything! Contact Hannah King at for more information.

Outdoor Club: Did you know you can rent kayaks and canoes, as well as camping equipment for your outdoorsy pleasure? Or you can join the Outdoor Club in an occasional biking adventure, as well as other wilderness activities. To join, contact Hugh Bouchelle at

Paladin Newsmagazine: Southern Virginia University’s student-run newsmagazine will return this coming semester. Interested in writing, editing or photography? Contact Hugh Bouchelle at to snag a spot on the staff.

Philosophy Club: If you’re the soul-searching type or enjoy pondering the mysteries of life, this club may be for you. For more information email John Armstrong at

Robotics Club: This one’s for all you techies out there. This club is all about minicomputers, raspberry pies (it’s not what you think), hand-held games and even robots. Interested in learning about computer hardware and creating interesting projects? Contact the club’s president, Andrew King at

Social Dance Club: Like dancing? Cut loose with the Social Dance Club where you’ll learn how to waltz, do the fox trot, swing dance and more! Have two left feet? “I’ve yet to meet someone I can’t teach how to dance,” says Robby Salisbury, one of the talented instructors. If you’re interested, contact Missy Floyd at for more information.

Triathlon Club: A recent addition to the athletic realm, the Triathlon Club at Southern Virginia is eager to partner with Washington and Lee to begin a tradition of excellence in biking, swimming and running here in our small town of Buena Vista. If you’re interested in one or more of these activities, please contact the club’s advisor, Hugh Bouchelle at

Underground Creative Writing Club: Contact Karen Hufford at for more information.

Young Republicans: For more information, contact Bill Braddy at

Young Democrats: For more information, contact Scott Dransfield at

Don’t see anything you’re interested in? That’s okay! Did you know you can start your own club? It’s easy! Visit the university’s club page to find out how, and check out our site frequently so you can stay in the loop!

(Post by Deseret Brown ’16. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’15.)

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