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Getting to Know Southern Virginia: The Open House

January 31, 2013

Some adventurous souls buy their plane ticket to the Dulles International Airport to begin their college experience without ever setting foot on Southern Virginia University’s campus. Others schedule a campus visit when they’re in the area. Some learn more about the school by attending firesides in their area hosted by representatives of Southern Virginia. The most fortunate prospective students get a taste of campus life at one of the four Southern Virginia open houses offered each year.

The most recent open house took place this month, with more than 70 prospective students in attendance. Prospective students had the option to spend the night in Southern Virginia’s residence halls—for a small fee—to get a sense of the living experience on campus. During open house weekends, many prospective students arrive on Friday to attend classes that interest them, experiencing the genius of small firsthand.

The open house program begins on Saturday morning with a meet and greet, where prospective students and their parents can interact with faculty, staff and students and learn about some of the majors, clubs and organizations available at the university.  This month, our visitors got to see The Fading Point—our very own student a cappella group—perform just for them.  Some other highlights of our open houses are the breakout sessions, where prospective students and their parents each attend separate meetings. The parents meet with university administrators, while the prospective students play games with admissions counselors and current students, and have a question and answer session with a panel of current students. When I attended an open house, I especially appreciated getting to meet some of my future classmates—both prospective students who, like me, decided to attend Southern Virginia, and current students.

And of course, the open house also provides a great opportunity for prospective students to take a tour of our beautiful campus. Not only that, but now they get adorable guest ID cards that they can wear during their visit and use to eat in the dining hall and—if they stay the night in The Lofts—as a key to their room. If I haven’t already convinced you to attend an open house, did you know that you might qualify for some travel reimbursement if you attend? Oh, and did I mention that while you’re here, you can audition for a talent grant or meet with athletic coaches? With such a wonderful opportunity to get to know Southern Virginia just around the proverbial river bend, why wait? Attend an open house. It just might change your life.


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