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Looking for a Summer Internship?

February 13, 2016


So am I! And, as it turns out, so are a lot of other college students. Cameron Crowther, director of Student Professional Development, and the Student Professional Development career coaches, hosted an event to teach students how to best use social media in the career search (they also provided pizza, a sure lure for students concerned about their financial futures).

Facebook is the primary social media outlet of our generation, and as such many professionals will look up the Facebook profiles of potential employees. Even if your profile is set to private, we were reminded, a friend of a friend of a friend who commented on your post may be able to view some interactions. Similarly, a comment you make on a post of someone else, whose profile may not be private, can also come up in Facebook searches. A careless comment shown to an employer by a co-worker can also have adverse consequences. You’ve probably already heard it from your mother, but be careful what you post online so you don’t look contentious, ignorant or rude.

Not only do employers use Facebook as a tool to screen potential employees, but it’s also used to advertise job and internship openings. Type your internship interests into the search box tool to find more opportunities.

Internships and other employment openings are also posted on MySVU.  Click on “Employment and Internships” under the “Students” tab to find both local and national applications.

Lastly, just as the Millennial generation uses Facebook, the generation of employers feels more tech savvy on LinkedIn, making it a good resource for connecting. The more active you are on your LinkedIn profile, the more views it will get.

Make an appointment with Cameron Crowther on MySVU for more help capitalizing on your education and turning it into a career!

(Post by Lauren Hafen ’16.)

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