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Next Year’s Student Executive Council

April 7, 2015

Meet next year’s Student Association Executive Council. They’ve got big shoes to fill as they replace the 2014-15 EC, they might not play corn hole as well as the 2013-14 EC, and it’s hard to imagine any student body president rivaling 2012-13 president Tyler McKay’s enthusiastic brandishing of the gavel, but this EC-elect brings a high level of commitment to the student body and to the university itself.

Since election time, the EC-elect has affirmed its plans to build on relationships with President Wilcox and other administrators, to understand and represent student concerns, to participate in individualized service and to focus on improving the overall campus experience. Hats off to each of them for their courage in campaigning and for their willingness to serve.

President: James David Drasbek

Vice President of Operations: John-John Leake

Vice President of Honor: Rebekah Taylor

Vice President of Academics and Service: Erik Flores

Vice President of Campus Programming: Daphne Riddle

Vice President of Arts and Athletics: Rylee McKeon

Vice President of Finance: Jake McMahon

Secretary: Alan Porter

Executive Secretary: Cody Barnes

(Post by Stephen Taylor ’15. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’16.)

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