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Photos: Babes in Arms

June 6, 2013


One of my favorite lines from Babes in Arms: “I’m not one of you theatrical people.” This line mostly sums up my attitude toward the theater — I like to stay on the spectator-sport side of the line. I tried something new this past month by auditioning to join the cast.

Babes in Arms Scoop-19


I got in. My part is fairly small, but I get to do some blocking, dance in a few group numbers and sing in a barbershop quartet. I’ve definitely learned some new things, and my comfort bubble has expanded.

Babes in Arms Scoop-17


It’s especially cool to work with those who are “theatrical people.” If you’ve seen Babes in Arms, you might have noticed some talents in the cast and crew. Thomas Petrungaro has singing pipes; Kathryn Bouchelle does ballet; Professor Georgeson has fixing skills something sinister; Andrew Evans could convince me to turn communist, and the list goes on.

Babes in Arms Scoop-4


If you haven’t seen it, then come tonight and enjoy! If you have, you can come and enjoy again.

(Post by Stephen Taylor ′14. Photos by Leigh Stoddard.)

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  1. alec says:

    Whoa! Who’s the supercute, supertalented, short, brunette girl playing the lead? I should, like…marry her.

  2. Jessica says:

    Who me? Why sir, how bold you are. But I’m sorry to inform you that I’m already betrothed to a terribly handsome, cunning, and romantic young man. Ill send him your regards.