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Photos: Labor Day Parade 2014

September 10, 2014

The Labor Day Parade has been a happening part of Buena Vista since the mid ‘60s. Virginia politicians know that in order to win their campaigns, they have to be in Buena Vista on Labor Day. It’s a tradition.

Over the years Southern Virginia has become part of that tradition, and the university kept it up with this year’s march through town. Provost Sowell and other university leaders walked near the front of the green group. The baseball team was particularly well-represented, led by coach Logan Mann. Other students chanted, cheered, threw candy, or borrowed Mr. SVU’s slingshot for longer-range distribution. It was hot, humid and noisy, but it was homework-free and lots of fun.

(Post by Stephen Taylor ’15. Photos by Bronwyn Himes ’17.)

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  1. marieshiraki says:

    I hope that SVU continues to participate in the Labor Day activities. It is a unique part of the history of the town. SVU’s involvement helps unite the school with the town.