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Utah Alumni Carnival!

August 14, 2015

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Roughly two years by my calculations. Of course, I can’t math  that’s why I got my degree in English. So maybe don’t put too much stock into those calculations. Look, the point of the story is that it’s been a while, okay? I thought I’d check in and see how Southern Virginia was doing.

So hey. Hi. Hello. How are you? Good, I hope. Oh, me? I’m fine, thank you. I’ve been doing much better since the Southern Virginia Summer Carnival that was held here in Utah on Aug. 1 at Labrum Park. I’ll admit, I’ve been missing my friends — some of whom are professors like Professors Stoddard, Hufford, and Georgeson the fireflies in the summer, the cicadas, the lush greenery, the Blue Ridge Parkway … Virginia will always have my heart, and home is where the heart is so I was very much homesick. So the opportunity to see fellow Southern Virginia alumni, some of whom I haven’t seen in years (again, if my calculations are to be trusted), was a great reminder of the time I spent at college. It helped with my homesickness.

The carnival hosted Minute to Win It games, a selection of snacks (watermelon, chips and other traditional summer fare), drinks, and even free snow cones. Labrum Park itself was pretty sweet, too; most of us at some point spent time climbing through the obstacle course playground set.

It’s been nice catching up, home skillin’ biscuits. Maybe I’ll get a chance to visit campus again before the next meeting of the Southern Virginia University Alumni Utah Chapter.

(Post by Mika McIntosh ’13. Photos by Aleah Ingram ’11).

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