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Shenanigans: Elmo Vacations in Narnia

November 20, 2014

First of all, I think it only appropriate that we take a minute to think about what a great word “Shenanigans” really is.

It’s pretty fantastic. It’s an eleven letter word with only six different letters and four syllables. It’s even more fun than the word “banana,” which I already enjoy saying.

Word aside, I had the pleasure of attending the first Shenanigans show of the academic year on Saturday, Nov. 15. Shenanigans is a student-run improv group and is lead by senior Justin Winslow (’15). This is his final Shenanigans show, and I must say that he went out with a satisfying … plunge.

The show consisted of a number of various set-ups, from having a number of the members strike strange poses and having two others relate what they see to a vacation to Narnia to forcing the members to act out a scenario without using the letter “M” — which proved particularly difficult when the scenario revolved around a “Tickle Me Elmo” toy. The whole scene got pretty violent, actually, as the various characters demanded that the toy was “This guy’s!” (Not unlike the actual battles over Tickle Me Elmos back in 1996. Elmo-mania was a real thing, folks.)

The entire ballroom was packed (I made the grave mistake of arriving a few minutes late and struggled to find a seat) and the audience consisted of people of all ages. The popularity of Shenanigans is certainly not in question, and I have little doubt that the group’s newer members will be able to keep the absurdity coming in waves.

Why do I have that impression? Well, when a person (in this case, a Spencer Franco) can look at a bunch of people in a pose, knowing only that what they say must relate to Narnia, and somehow find the opportunity to say, “I, one time, had a run-in with some satyrs, back in England. And I owed them some cash,” you know you’re onto some quality humor.

As the show came to a close, the members presented Justin Winslow with an honorary plunger, a traditional “goodbye” for graduating members of Shenanigans. Overall, it was a night full of laughter and goofiness and quality entertainment. And maybe a dash of the ridiculous, but who doesn’t go for that every now and again?

(Post by Madeleine Gail Rex ’16. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’16.)

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