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  1. Photos: Open House

    December 3, 2013

    The Saturday before Thanksgiving, prospective students and their parents gathered at Southern Virginia University for an Open House. I talked to some of these soon-to-be students at the opening reception in the Knight Arena. This university is a real gem and I always enjoy the chance to help others learn more about my alma mater.

    It’s exciting to think about the future years of students who will come here, learn from many of the same professors who have taught and inspired me, form meaningful friendships, meet their significant other, and make so many memories on every inch of this beautiful campus.

    To anyone considering Southern Virginia, I hope you can find the time to make it to an Open House (you can even get reimbursed for up to $250 of your travel expenses). Come and see all of the potential that this university has to shape your life.

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’16.)


  2. Gratitude at Thanksgiving Point

    October 8, 2013

    There’s something about Southern Virginia University that you acquire while you attend it — I don’t know precisely what to call it. A feeling? A spirit or aura? Some sort of permeating presence that resonates with the core values that we embrace. It’s a feeling for activity, for participation and enthusiasm and scholarship and discipleship. It’s all of these things thrust into a tightly-pressurized melting pot of values and associations, and once you’re sufficiently exposed to it, it becomes a part of you in a very real way.

    I was privileged to be reminded of this spirit of Southern Virginia when I attended the recent open house at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. Besides the thrill of meeting with cherished friends, faculty, and staff — besides the rush of seeing more and more and more people show up for the meeting; we had at least two hundred people in there — besides the excellent speeches and the heartfelt testimonials from our university’s representatives, the most impactful thing I noticed about the open house was that spirit.

    I noticed it when we greeted people as they came in, and sensed the thriving diversity of the attendees, with their incredible array of academic pursuits and interests. We had many families show up, as well as many students, and they mostly showed some pretty sincere interest.

    I noticed it as the speeches began, with the testimonials delivered by President Sybrowsky, Provost Sowell, Vice President Brett Garcia, and Brother and Sister Laurence — parents of Southern Virginia Women’s Tennis player Kirsten Laurence. Their remarks encompassed the genius of small, the numerous opportunities available to students, the personal nature of student-professor relationships, and the financial accessibility of the institution — especially in light of the recent tuition drop.

    I especially noticed it afterward, when speaking to interested parents and potential peers, using my own words to express exactly why Southern Virginia was the right choice for me — the perfect choice, as it happened. And as I struggled to explain all the particulars, it all came together for me, just as I hoped it came together for them, if only in part, as to exactly why Southern Virginia was the right choice.

    Southern Virginia University is an incredibly cohesive experience. The very nature of the institution keeps you from having a terribly isolated time there; it’s too small for that. You can’t get totally lost in the cracks, unlike larger universities — and even more than that, you will most likely get involved somehow. You will get involved, you will get serious about your studies, and you’ll probably do more than get a degree; you’ll get an education there, something real and dynamic and continuing. You’ll receive a complete experience, yet more than complete — your cup will run over. And all of this, combined with the unique spirit there, will infuse into your character the qualities of a true leader-servant.

    It’s a pretty good bargain, if you think about it.

    (Post by Spencer Merrell ’13.)

  3. General Conference Ad

    April 5, 2013

    You probably don’t need any more reasons to watch General Conference this weekend, but I will give you another one anyway: BYUtv will be showing a 30-second commercial about Southern Virginia University in between sessions. What I love about this ad is that it features some really great students, it has very fitting background music made by our very own Professor James Leva, and it ends with one of the most endearing high fives I’ve ever seen in advertising history.

    You can now be one of the first to see it. Be sure to share this video with your friends and family.

    (Post by Jonathan H. Bowden ’13)

  4. Getting to Know Southern Virginia: The Open House

    January 31, 2013

    Some adventurous souls buy their plane ticket to the Dulles International Airport to begin their college experience without ever setting foot on Southern Virginia University’s campus. Others schedule a campus visit when they’re in the area. Some learn more about the school by attending firesides in their area hosted by representatives of Southern Virginia. The most fortunate prospective students get a taste of campus life at one of the four Southern Virginia open houses offered each year.

    The most recent open house took place this month, with more than 70 prospective students in attendance. Prospective students had the option to spend the night in Southern Virginia’s residence halls—for a small fee—to get a sense of the living experience on campus. During open house weekends, many prospective students arrive on Friday to attend classes that interest them, experiencing the genius of small firsthand.

    The open house program begins on Saturday morning with a meet and greet, where prospective students and their parents can interact with faculty, staff and students and learn about some of the majors, clubs and organizations available at the university.  This month, our visitors got to see The Fading Point—our very own student a cappella group—perform just for them.  Some other highlights of our open houses are the breakout sessions, where prospective students and their parents each attend separate meetings. The parents meet with university administrators, while the prospective students play games with admissions counselors and current students, and have a question and answer session with a panel of current students. When I attended an open house, I especially appreciated getting to meet some of my future classmates—both prospective students who, like me, decided to attend Southern Virginia, and current students.

    And of course, the open house also provides a great opportunity for prospective students to take a tour of our beautiful campus. Not only that, but now they get adorable guest ID cards that they can wear during their visit and use to eat in the dining hall and—if they stay the night in The Lofts—as a key to their room. If I haven’t already convinced you to attend an open house, did you know that you might qualify for some travel reimbursement if you attend? Oh, and did I mention that while you’re here, you can audition for a talent grant or meet with athletic coaches? With such a wonderful opportunity to get to know Southern Virginia just around the proverbial river bend, why wait? Attend an open house. It just might change your life.


  5. New Brochure Highlights the Benefits of a Southern Virginia Education

    December 5, 2011


    The new edition of the university’s primary brochure for prospective students features three Southern Virginia students on the cover, along with  Professor Steve Baldridge.

    If you know someone who could succeed as a student at Southern Virginia University, fee free to share this PDF with them. Or contact the Admissions Office to pick up a printed copy (which should be available later this week).

    And be sure to let us know what you think about the new brochure.

    (Post by Burke Olsen. Viewbook design updates by Nathaniel Sidwell.)