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  1. Homecoming Scavenger Hunt: From Hogwarts to Main Hall

    October 21, 2014

    It’s been a dream of mine for a long while to go on a grand adventure. To escape from the Shire and venture into Middle Earth, to step onto Platform 9 ¾, to burrow into the wardrobe.

    I’m still waiting on those things, but I did have the opportunity to explore the humble town of Buena Vista, Va., recently, thanks to the Homecoming Scavenger Hunt. Not quite as romantic, I’ll admit, but it was still entertaining, and anything outside the library feels like a grand adventure around midterms.

    I was a tad late to the hunt and ended up having to scavenge for my team as well. The alumni were certainly doing a better job of representing. After recruiting students Angela Stone (’17) and Tanner Blatter (‘18), I ran down the hill yelling, “I’m going on an adventure!” (Kidding, but I kind of wish I had.)

    The hunters were given a series of riddles related to destinations both on and off campus. They varied in difficulty levels (we were pretty darned stumped by “Today, I’ll be happier than a bird with a french fry,” I confess). We were lead all over Buena Vista, visiting everything from the public library to the colored school.

    Some of the riddles were clearly geared toward alumni, others toward current students. A few alumni were kind enough to clue us in, as we were ignorant of facts like the location of Pebble Beach. This might have weakened their chances to win the scavenger hunt if it weren’t for the fact that the alumni were two teams stronger than the students.

    In the end, my team managed to throw the ring into Mount Doom/defeat Lord Voldemort/save Narnia from the White Witch, finishing as the team with the most points, though the alumni won overall due to greater forces.

    The scavenger hunt was one of the events involved in the Student-Alumni Competition. Throughout Homecoming weekend, particular events and competitions contributed to alumni and student scores. At the end of the festivities, the winner would be awarded former president Rodney Smith’s green chucks. The victors were announced at the Homecoming Dance Saturday night.

    In the end, with the aid of points from the Pre-Game Celebration and the killing they made at the Quiz Bowl on Saturday morning, the alumni did emerge champions, claiming the coveted chucks.

    (Post by Madeleine Gail Rex ’16. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’16.)

  2. Commencement 2013

    May 21, 2013


    I had the wonderful opportunity to graduate last month on an absolutely beautiful Spring day along with the other members of my graduating class, many of whom are my good friends. I think that I will always have fond memories of that day: when my family and friends, my professors, Mitt Romney, and so many others gathered to celebrate the achievements of my classmates and I.

    Now I’m pleased to share with you these photos of Commencement. Enjoy!

    Download all Commencement 2013 photos.

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13. Photos by Brinn Willis ’07.)

  3. Homecoming Photos: Paint War, Soccer and More

    October 16, 2012

    You’ve all been keeping track on your Homecoming bingo cards, right?

    What’s with those blank stares—are you joking? You didn’t do Homecoming bingo? Oh boy. Well, let me explain the rules so you can make your bingo card real quick and play. Make a kind of standard bingo card. Then put all of the Homecoming events on it, and mark off the ones you went to. If you get a bingo, then you win a prize! Ready to go? Bueno!

    Let’s start with the epic paint war that happened on the fields by the Institute of Religion. People may have started out in white clothes, but that all soon changed with a few flicks of the wrist. No, it wasn’t magic. Weren’t you paying attention? It was with paint. Paint transformed the pearly whiteness of their clothes.

    Friday night after the Homecoming Concert—which we’ll get to later—there was an alumni bonfire with all of the bonfire goodness you could expect from a bonfire, with the added bonus of mingling with your Southern Virginia alumni. Delicious. (Was that the right word to use? I mean, s’mores were most definitely involved so I would assume that was a good word choice.)

    Then there were Saturday’s soccer games and other activities at The Fields. The women’s and men’s soccer teams each played a game, and the members of the women’s soccer team won their game—making that their team’s third consecutive win. Our soccer teams are fantastic, and soccer is my favorite sport out there anyway. Next to curling. We need a curling team.

    Have you gotten a bingo yet? Well, if not, there’s still more events to go over. Stay tuned!

    (Post by Mika McIntosh ‘13. Photos by Dinah Rogers ’13.)

  4. Travel Study Launch 2012

    October 11, 2012

    Travel Study, the bodacious entity that it is, held a launch after a recent forumwhere they provided not only free chili, but a free preview of the different places to travel to this academic year. Not that the information wouldn’t have been free anyway, but I just liked the way that last sentence sounded. Did you? Just mull it over in your brain.

    As a precursor to the event, Travel Study also hosted a photo contest. Participants got to submit photos from any Travel Study trip they had attended. First and second place went to Lindsey Morgan and Neely Tompkins Pendleton, respectively. By some miracle, I managed to win third place, which was, let me tell you, quite the pleasant surprise because I don’t win anything. Ever. Well, except for that pair of green chucks two years ago.

    This year, Travel Study is including a slew of very affordable day trips in the area for students on a budget to attend, along with the foreign country trips, so no one gets left out. Some of the countries Travel Study will be taking students this year include Ireland, Italy, Ethiopia, England, and Greece, while the domestic trips include New York City, Atlanta and the Appalachian Trail, and the day trips involve excursions to Washington, D.C., and a ghost tour of Lexington.

    (Post by Mika McIntosh, ‘13. Photos by Dinah Rogers ’13.)

  5. Green Chucks: A Tradition Passed On

    September 25, 2012

    On behalf of the student body, Tyler MacKay, the student association president, presented President Paul K. Sybrowsky with his first pair of green Chuck Taylor All Stars at the Sybrowskys’ devotional earlier this month.

    We’re glad to see our new president join with us in this tradition and hope to see him wearing his chucks with pride as he represents our university.

    Go Knights!

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13.)