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  1. Valentines for Veterans

    February 20, 2014

    Prior to Valentine’s Day this month, I visited a watercolor class on campus to help create Valentine’s Day cards for veterans in Virginia.

    Trampas Rogers, a student who is also a veteran, attended and spoke to us briefly about what we might write on our notes to the veterans. I’m glad that Professor Barbara Crawford incorporated service into her art class in such a unique and creative way. I was grateful to be a part of that act of service, painting Valentines and writing small messages of appreciation.

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’16.)

  2. Photos: Blood Drive

    January 28, 2014

    A number of students participated in the blood drive last Wednesday. At Southern Virginia, we believe in the importance of becoming leader-servants. Donating blood is just one way that our students demonstrate their commitment to serving others. This semester, students, faculty and staff will also have the opportunity to volunteer at a free medical clinic held on Southern Virginia’s campus biennially by Remote Area Medical. I’m grateful to be in an environment surrounded by people trying to make a difference.

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13. Photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’16.)

  3. Professor Leads Semi-Annual Food Drive

    November 18, 2013

    1 Food Drive Schramm

    Thanks to Dr. Beth Schramm and her students, the shelves of the Buena Vista food bank will be a little better stocked this season.

    “We’re coming in just under 800 cans and boxes,” Schramm said, after calculating the totals donated by her students.

    Schramm encourages students to donate as much canned and boxed food as they can to be delivered to the food bank. Students get extra credit in her classes for donating up to 15 items, and the majority of her students donated  that much.

    “It actually started out from my environmental studies class,” she said.  “In all the textbooks they always mention the world’s food concerns with getting food to people. Then  you start to realize that we’ve got people in this community who don’t get three meals a day, not even two decent meals a day, and then you’ve got the winter problems — do you pay for a heating bill, do you pay for medication, or do you buy food?”

    Schramm says that realization led to action. She decided to use the principles of being a leader-servant to help feed the community. It began with her environmental studies class, but soon she recognized the potential if she expanded the assignment to all of her classes.

    1 Food Drive Schramm_2 copy“I figure with this project, aside from fitting in with community service, it’s something people can continue to participate in after they leave here,” she said. “If there isn’t a food bank in their area there’s got to be one close by. This keeps it on the radar. No matter where you are there’s a need, it’s not just a Buena Vista problem.”

    Even with all of her student’s help, however, the need still persists.

    “I’m not sure how long what we donate will actually last. There have been times when I’ve gone to make the delivery and there were big gaps on the shelves, and then a small cluster of soup cans, and another gap, and some macaroni and cheese. So there’s a need for it.”

    (Post by Cody Ray Shafer ’13. Photos by Ben Patty ’14.)

  4. Students Volunteer in Virginia Campaigns

    November 15, 2013

    Last week, Virginians across the Commonwealth cast their votes to determine who would serve as Virginia’s next governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Throughout the Virginia gubernatorial campaign season, several Southern Virginia students volunteered for their choice of candidate.

    Brea Roberts, a senior from Modesto, Calif., triple-majoring in history, politics and liberal arts, served as the office manager in Lexington, Va., for the Republican Party.

    “Last year I worked on the Romney campaign and I just enjoyed being a part of the campaign and learning how a campaign works,” said Roberts. “[For Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign] I recruited volunteers and interns, met the candidates, made a lot of phone calls, knocked on a lot of doors and did a lot of paperwork and computer work.”

    After she graduates from Southern Virginia, Roberts plans to pursue a law degree. She said that she has appreciated being a part of Cuccinelli’s campaign, in part because of the opportunity she had to make connections and meet people involved in different campaigns throughout the United States. Roberts was joined by two other students — Wright Noel and Melzer Jones — in volunteering for the campaign.

    Several other Southern Virginia students, as well as one alumna, participated in Terry McAullife’s campaign. Colin Smith, a junior majoring in history from Silverspring, Md., spent time making phone calls, going door-to-door, and staffing events under the direction of Sara Helsel — a Southern Virginia alumna who served as the campaign’s deputy field organizer in Lexington, Va.

    “[I volunteered] because I care a lot about politics,” said Smith. “My dad is a political scientist and I’ve been talking political theory since I can remember. I also really like Sara [Helsel] and I wanted to work for her.”

    Smith said that his favorite part of volunteering was “getting to see Bill Clinton speak in Roanoke.” Smith previously has volunteered for campaigns both in Virginia and in his home state of Maryland. Smith said that other students — including Nicolas Jensen, Lindsay and Scott Dransfield, Mary Cragun, and Cody Shafer — also spent time volunteering for the campaign.

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13.)

  5. In Honor of Dr. King

    January 21, 2013

    Since today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I hope that everyone will take the time to remember Dr. King’s contributions to our nation’s history. Watch his, “I Have a Dream” speech and consider what you can do to be of service to your fellow human beings. You may also want to read more about the life of this man who has been called “one of the greatest nonviolent leaders in world history.”

    In addition to remembering his legacy today, I hope that you’ll take the time to join with members of the student body this Saturday for a service project in honor of Dr. King. Meet at 10 a.m. in front of Main Hall to join in on this service opportunity.

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13.)