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  1. Time for a Field Trip: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

    October 31, 2012

    Friday nights are normally spent trying to convince myself that I’m being a productive college student as I try to get some sort of homework done before going out with friends. The end result? Convincing myself that the homework can wait and that it’s time to have some fun. Well, this past weekend was a win-win with a trip to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

    Students in Professor Debra Sowell’s “Art in Western Civilization” class took a field trip to do some interactive learning—and what an experience it was. Nothing like going on a road trip with the Provost and his wife. Being from lonely old Iowa, it’s hard for me to say that I’ve been to some interesting museums (unless you consider museums on the history of farming), so this place was a great experience for me. I got to see my first real-life mummy (okay, maybe not so “lively”) and make some new friends. We finished at Professor Kirk-Rodgers’ house, where we ate s’mores and drank some delicious wassail—another first for me.

    With all these firsts, I sure felt like I’d lived a sheltered life before! Luckily, we have the best professors here at Southern Virginia that always try to find ways to make learning fun and interesting. Just another reason why I love Southern Virginia University.

    (Post by Michael Goering ‘15. Photos by students in “Art in Western Civilization.”)


  2. Photos: Ghost Tour of Lexington

    Southern Virginia University Travel Study took a group of students on a day trip to the Haunting Tales ghost tours of nearby Lexington, Va., this month.

    Students were guided around the city by Kristen Jones, who also is an assistant to the registrar at Southern Virginia.

    What better way to spend an October evening than to walk the streets of Lexington at night and hear ghostly tales about the lives of its citizens, including Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson?

    Travel Study has even more day trips planned for this year, so don’t miss out!

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13. Photos by Dinah Rogers ’13.)

  3. Engage Now Africa Director Speaks to Students on Service Abroad

    October 17, 2012

    A number of students gathered in Durham Hall today to hear a speech by Diana Bingham, who serves in the organization Engage Now Africa as director of operations in East Africa. The organization was co-founded by Lynette Gay, a member of the Southern Virginia University Board of Trustees.

    Bingham, who has been involved with Engage Now Africa for eight years, spoke about the focuses of the organization, which include providing clean water, micro credit and support for orphans, and improving health and education. She said that each year, Engage Now Africa serves five villages, and that her experiences serving there have been life changing.

    She showed a slideshow of pictures from her experiences in Ethiopia to give us a feel for the country. Bingham also told us how we as Southern Virginia students can get involved in serving Africa and become better leader-servants. One major way is to go on Southern Virginia Travel Study’s trip to Ethiopia this summer.

    (Post by Hannah Benson Rodriguez ’13.)

  4. Travel Study Launch 2012

    October 11, 2012

    Travel Study, the bodacious entity that it is, held a launch after a recent forumwhere they provided not only free chili, but a free preview of the different places to travel to this academic year. Not that the information wouldn’t have been free anyway, but I just liked the way that last sentence sounded. Did you? Just mull it over in your brain.

    As a precursor to the event, Travel Study also hosted a photo contest. Participants got to submit photos from any Travel Study trip they had attended. First and second place went to Lindsey Morgan and Neely Tompkins Pendleton, respectively. By some miracle, I managed to win third place, which was, let me tell you, quite the pleasant surprise because I don’t win anything. Ever. Well, except for that pair of green chucks two years ago.

    This year, Travel Study is including a slew of very affordable day trips in the area for students on a budget to attend, along with the foreign country trips, so no one gets left out. Some of the countries Travel Study will be taking students this year include Ireland, Italy, Ethiopia, England, and Greece, while the domestic trips include New York City, Atlanta and the Appalachian Trail, and the day trips involve excursions to Washington, D.C., and a ghost tour of Lexington.

    (Post by Mika McIntosh, ‘13. Photos by Dinah Rogers ’13.)

  5. Photos: Early Start Expeditions

    September 4, 2012

    Hello everyone! I’m Lexi Melton, and I was a part of something called Early Start. Our little group had the opportunity to experience a couple of the Travel Study day trips. But wait. Back up. What is Early Start you might ask? Well, it was basically that: an early start at Southern Virginia University. I had a cool teacher with a bowtie—most people know him as Provost Sowell—teach me about the foundations of college.

    Anyway, now that we have some background information, I shall now tell you about our awesome, spectacular, amazing, cool, phenomenal, day trips! Well, first things first: our first trip was to historic Lexington, where we got to see some cool stuff including the Robert E. Lee Chapel, the cemetery where Robert E. Lee was buried, and the house of—you guessed it—Robert E. Lee.

    Starting out in the chapel, we got to see the statue of General Lee. The detail in the stone was indescribable. Let’s just say I was pretty impressed. Then we got to go down and see a memorial of Traveler, General Lee’s horse, where people put pennies upside down. We also got to see Traveler’s old stable, which is actually now home to Traveler the car—which belongs to the president of Washington and Lee University. For some reason, which our guide, Kristen Jones—who works in the Registrar’s Office by day and leads ghost tours in Lexington by night—wouldn’t tell us, the stable-turned-garage stays open at all times. She hinted that we’d learn more if we came on the Halloween tour.

    After touring more cool buildings and seeing cool bricks and visiting the graveyard, we all went to a very delicious ice cream shop called Sweet Things.

    The second trip we took was to Washington, D.C., which was awesome! A lot of the buildings actually looked like castles, and we all split up to visit the sights. There were the classic monuments, the Holocaust Museum, and of course, the Smithsonian museums. There was just so much to see and not enough time to see it! All in all, it was a really great day. But don’t take my word for it—check out these cool places for yourself! You definitely won’t regret it.

    (Post by Lexi Melton ’16. Photos by Erin Seage ’16.)