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Photos: Thanksgiving in New York

December 16, 2015

If you are thinking about heading up to New York, I doubt there are better ways to do it than with Travel Study.

After finishing the long drive out, my group started things off right with a family owned, hole-in-the-wall style pizzeria and window shopping on Fifth Avenue. Large segments of time like this were left to our own planning to figure out, and having never been before to New York, we really wanted to hit the major sites. Downtown New York was just the first on our list, and by the end of the trip we ended up everywhere from the Brooklyn Bridge, to Central Park, to the New York Highline.

Of course, there were planned activities as well. The cost of the trip includes a seat at a Broadway musical (this time around we saw “An American in Paris”), a ticket on the Liberty Island ferry and the entrance fee for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to just name a few things. These planned events were just as fun as the things we planned ourselves, and we all thought it was time well spent.

I highly recommend the trip to anyone who is considering it. Whether you’ve been before or just want to see more of it, New York is my suggestion for Thanksgiving or Spring Break.

(Post and photos by Jordan Wunderlich ’15.)

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