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Travel Study Launch 2012

October 11, 2012

Travel Study, the bodacious entity that it is, held a launch after a recent forumwhere they provided not only free chili, but a free preview of the different places to travel to this academic year. Not that the information wouldn’t have been free anyway, but I just liked the way that last sentence sounded. Did you? Just mull it over in your brain.

As a precursor to the event, Travel Study also hosted a photo contest. Participants got to submit photos from any Travel Study trip they had attended. First and second place went to Lindsey Morgan and Neely Tompkins Pendleton, respectively. By some miracle, I managed to win third place, which was, let me tell you, quite the pleasant surprise because I don’t win anything. Ever. Well, except for that pair of green chucks two years ago.

This year, Travel Study is including a slew of very affordable day trips in the area for students on a budget to attend, along with the foreign country trips, so no one gets left out. Some of the countries Travel Study will be taking students this year include Ireland, Italy, Ethiopia, England, and Greece, while the domestic trips include New York City, Atlanta and the Appalachian Trail, and the day trips involve excursions to Washington, D.C., and a ghost tour of Lexington.

(Post by Mika McIntosh, ‘13. Photos by Dinah Rogers ’13.)

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