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Valentine’s Day Dance

February 23, 2016

It took me at least an hour to decide to go to this year’s Valentine’s Day dance. Dancing isn’t really a thing I do beyond the realm of my living room, and definitely not something I do in front of anyone but my roommate. So, when I say that I had a great time at a dance, the statement ought to be received with the appropriate amount of gravity.

Of course, the decorations were cute and those chocolate-covered pretzel things were bomb (my friend and I may have eaten more than our fair share), but what really made the dance great  what makes any event at Southern Virginia great, when I actually get up the courage to stop being a hermit and attend them  was the people. One of the many advantages of attending a school as small as this one is that you can’t go anywhere without finding friends. And those friends helped turn what would generally be an episode of Madeleine’s Adventures in Awkwardness into a night that was fun and adventurous in all the right ways (though probably still a little awkward. What can I say? I have a gift for it).

You didn’t need to have a date this Valentine’s Day to feel the love. You just had to show up and remember that pals are everywhere. In my experience, honestly, they won’t let you forget it. Or get away with skipping a slow dance.

And that, my friends, is a Southern Virginia Valentine’s Day.

(Post by Madeleine Gail Rex ’16. Photos by Eva Sorensen Smith ’17.)

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